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Warranty Information

For a two (2) year period from the date of the original purchase, IMAC Enterprises LLC warrants its product to be free of defective workmanship and material. For a fifteen (15) year period from the date of the original purchase, IMAC Enterprises LLC warrants the main frame of its trailers to be free of defective workmanship and material. The original warranty must be filled out by the Original Purchaser and the River Valley Aluminum Trailer Dealer and returned to IMAC Enterprises LLC within 30 days of purchase. This warranty is only extended to the Original Purchaser. This warranty can be transferred, only if the product is returned to IMAC Enterprises, LLC for inspection prior to re-sale. The cost of return and inspection is to be covered by Original Purchaser. Upon satisfactory inspection and remedy of any and all issues found with this product, the remainder of the original warranty can then be transferred to a subsequent buyer. IF THIS SIGNED WARRANTY IS NOT POST MARKED BY THE THIRTIETH (30th) DAY AFTER ORIGINAL PURCHASE DATE, ALL WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED SHALL BE NULL AND VOID.

IMAC Enterprises LLC does not warrant components not manufactured by IMAC Enterprises LLC such as, but not limited to tires, wheels, axles, jacks or couplers. Warranty on paint excludes deterioration or damage from any road elements, improper wash solvents, sand, salt, or other weather conditions.

Normal wear on any item is not subject to warranty. Normal wear items include light bulbs, bearings and brake linings. This is not limited exclusively to these items. Change in color and surface staining on main frame is also considered normal wear. Any damage caused by failing to maintain and torque lug nuts properly, or influenced by after-market customization not performed by IMAC Enterprises will not be covered.


  1. Only the Original Purchaser may make a claim under this limited warranty. This warranty is transferrable and assignable only as described above..
  2. This warranty only applies to trailers purchased and remaining solely in the United States or Canada.
  3. This limited warranty applies to defects arising from normal use only.
  4. This limited warranty becomes null and void if the trailer is rented, leased or used for commercial hauling.
  5. This limited warranty covers the cost of repair only.
  6. All freight is exempt from warranty.
  7. Warranty repairs shall be completed by IMAC Enterprises LLC located in Baltimore, Ohio. At the discretion of IMAC Enterprises LLC a reasonable allowance for off-site repairs may be made.
  8. IMAC Enterprises LLC is not responsible for shipping or transportation charges in delivering the trailer to IMAC Enterprises LLC for repairs.



  1. Damage caused even in the scope of normal use: This limited warranty does not cover damage caused in the scope of normal use including but not limited to damage caused by roadway chemicals, animals or normal wear.
  2. Damage caused from cleaning: This limited warranty does not cover damage caused by exposure to cleaning compounds, bleaching, acid cleaning and / or pressure washing.
  3. Components Warranted by Original Manufacturers: Tires, axles, brake components, suspension components, springs, jacks, couplers, mats, batteries, windows, doors and other such items purchased by IMAC Enterprises LLC are warranted by their manufacturers and are excluded from this limited warranty.
  4. Damage caused by misuse: This limited warranty does not cover damages resulting from misuse, accident, overload, negligence, unauthorized repair, or alteration.
  5. After-market additions and upgrades: This includes items such as wheel simulators, hub caps, fender trim and trailer graphics.


Prior Written Consent Required For Return of Defective Parts.

No reimbursement will be made to any dealer or Original Purchaser for repairs made without the prior written consent of IMAC Enterprises LLC. Any defective part(s) must be sent by prepaid freight to IMAC Enterprises LLC in order to qualify for replacement or reimbursement under this Limited Warranty.

This limited warranty is the exclusive warranty and remedy and supersedes all other warranties whether expressed or implied and the purchaser does hereby release IMAC Enterprises LLC there from. IMAC Enterprises LLC makes no representation or warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any other matter. No one, including an Authorized Dealer may make further or additional warranties on behalf of IMAC Enterprises LLC. The Purchaser’s exclusive remedy shall be that set forth above for any claim of liability under negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty or any other legal theory.

The undersigned Dealer hereby certifies that he/she has explained the limited warranty and claims procedures to the Original Purchaser and will perform all responsibilities of Dealer.



IMAC Enterprises LLC
310 NE Baltimore Somerset Rd
Baltimore, OH  43105

Phone: 614-496-1547

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