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Win A Free Trailer!!!

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1 - 3,000 entries, we give away this:

Free trailer give-away contest

2 Horse - Straight Load - 10' Model

Click here to learn more about this trailer

More than 3,000 entries, we give away this:

Free trailer give-away contest

2 Horse - Straight Load - Standard

Click here to learn more about this trailer

Entering the contest is easy....


Register for an account on our website using the link in the top right corner of our web page. This is completely free, requires only a name and an email address, and simply lets us keep track of who you are and if you have entered the contest or not.

You'll see that there is much more you can do with your account beyond entering this contest. All of these opportunities are optional and will in no way influence your chance to win the free trailer if you choose to declinethem.


Click the activation link in the email you receive after registering. This lets us know that you are a real person; not an evil robot trying to take over the digital world.

At this time, you will earn 10 Eclipse Points for activating a new account. Coincidentally, is costs 10 Eclipse Points to enter the contest...


Sign-in to your account using the link in the top right corner of our web page. You will be taken to an overview of your user account. Click on "My Eclipse Points" and you're ready to go! From here you can submit entries to the contest, keep track of your Eclipse Points, and more...All with a simple click of the mouse.

Don't forget, you can enter the contest as many times as you would like. Each entry costs 10 Eclipse Points, and there are many ways to earn these points. Also remember that there are several other rewards that can be claimed with your Eclipse Points. It's up to you if you want to spend all of your points on contest entries or save them up to redeem for something else.

This contest will end October 11, 2013 at noon EST. 10 contest entries will be randomly selected at this point, and the 1st of these will be considered the contest winner. This individual will have 14 days to respond and acknowledge winning the contest. If this individual fails to do so, the 2nd name selected will then be considered the contest winner, and so on.

***This trailer will be manufactured specifically for the contest winner, including a free choice of color ($350.00 value). At this time, and options or upgrades can be added to the base configuration of the free trailer***

So what are you waiting for? Register for the Trailer Give-Away Contest now, and start racking up those points!!!

One winner will be chosen at random from all entries received. Contest not open to employees of Eclipse Aluminum Trailers or their family members. The winner is responsible for all tax, title, and delivery fees if applicable. The trailer being given away if there are 3,000 or fewer total entries is a Model# 2h-st-wp-ss with base configurations, or a Model# 2h-st-wp-sm with base configurations if there are more than 3,000 entries. Contest winner is responsible for the cost of any and all upgrades and options beyond this base configuration. If any cheating or manipluation of the contest is detected, entrants may be disqualified.